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4 Dec 2014
If you have a weight problem and looking for a diet plan on the internet, you will probably find many. Some work quite well while others leave much to be desired. They may be either too expensive or just too difficult to follow. The weight loss diet plan that has proven to be top notch is called Strip That Fat. Many people who have used this guide since it started a few years ago, have lost lots of body fat as well as improved their general health and fitness.

The two main components of the plan are healthy eating and proper exercise, and added to these two is adequate sleep. They are all tied together; If you ignore one, it will be very difficult to loose weight.

There are a number of factors that make this healthy weight loss plan so...

19 Nov 2014

In spite of massive evidence that diets and dieting don't work and--even worse--typically result in greater weight gain over time, they continue to be pursued avidly by vast numbers of people.

Most methods of weight loss--natural and otherwise--continue to leave out what is perhaps the single most important factor in achieving truly healthy and long-lasting weight loss--namely, how to eat much less without feeling deprived. Regardless of how healthy, natural, and well-balanced one's diet may be, weight gain will inevitably occur if average total caloric intake exceeds total calories burned.

Although this truism is recognized almost universally, it continues to present what is perhaps the greatest challenge to successful weight loss and...