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4 Dec 2014
If you have a weight problem and looking for a diet plan on the internet, you will probably find many. Some work quite well while others leave much to be desired. They may be either too expensive or just too difficult to follow. The weight loss diet plan that has proven to be top notch is called Strip That Fat. Many people who have used this guide since it started a few years ago, have lost lots of body fat as well as improved their general health and fitness.

The two main components of the plan are healthy eating and proper exercise, and added to these two is adequate sleep. They are all tied together; If you ignore one, it will be very difficult to loose weight.

There are a number of factors that make this healthy weight loss plan so effective.

The plan focuses on both long range and short range fat loss. Some people may want to loose weight quite fast so the can look better in that wedding dress or bathing suit, while others are more concerned about the extra expense of buying more larger size clothing and wish they could still wear those too tight ones. The STF diet plan serves as a guide to help you loose the pounds you want to. In the manual you can find ways to eat properly, what foods to avoid and which ones give you the full feeling to avoid over-eating.

Calorie intake is also stressed along with a list of low calorie foods. Some foods can actually help you to burn fat. However, the greatest amount of fat burning takes place while you exercise. The manual gives considerable direction on the types of exercise that is appropriate for you.

In order to make meal-planning simple and easy, the guide uses a piece of soft wear called a diet generator. It is designed to create eighty different menus for five meals per day. You can simply choose the delicious foods you like, enter them into your computer and come up with good healthy meal plans that can last a whole month.

Another feature of this healthy weight loss diet plan is the membership factor. There are two levels; Gold and Platinum. The platinum costs a little more, but it allows for dialogue with the registered nutritionist and fitness trainer. If you have a particular health, weight or exercise question, you can send a private message and expect a quick reply. Both plans have access to the diet generator.

The Many success stories from members who have lost weight and improved their heath is not only testimony to the fact that the Strip That Fat plan really works, but it also helped to shape the plan to make it very effective and easy to follow. Hardly anyone has taken advantage of the sixty day money back guarantee. However, if you feel you did not loose weight or found the plan difficult to follow, they will give your money back and a allow you to keep the manual.


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